11-Nov Tina stole all my diabetic sugar
12-Nov Camara mysteriously disappeared
12-Nov Now she stole that nice headset you had given me
17-Nov [11/17/2014 11:21:32 AM] She placed a tall garbage pail under the head of my bed so that when I lowered the bed, it made an awful crunch… Then I found she had been here at suppertime too.
Check book missing, spray bottles moved. I confronted management...
'I'll look into it'... sez manager
18-Nov she was in my room again last nite.She undid the velcro fasting material on my neck collar and thru it under the top of the bed which no one could find until I saw it this a.m. just b4 I went to brekkie
18-Nov At 04:31 PM 11/18/2014 Again this afternoon during my nap, thermometer was turned up high. About 1/3 of my box of wipes are gone too.
19-Nov Tina slammed my door again. Ask staff member Ruby.
20-Nov During the evening, right, after Ruby had changed my incontinence ware, I pressed the call button again as there were two things Ruby forgot to do: Turn on my air mattress compressor and turn my knee brace insert over and Insert again. What I got told is that I was using too much staff and didn't have that right. Twice in one half hour? It is not her place to judge, criticize or insult me. She cannot even pronounce the name of my diseases. D.A. Funk #218
20-Nov Daily dose of Buscupan rx missing
I have been on the prescription for more than 30 years and it is all I have to reduce gas pains in my abodomen. It has been missing for the last two days that I am aware of. I came here to die peacefully and it seems that more negligence is causing me so much stress. Dianne A. Funk
21-Nov RE: Daily dose of buscupan rx missing since Nov 20 2014 Signed out versus delivered to me are two different things. I do not need more gas pains in lower abdomen, Which is full of scar tissue.
21-Nov Tina: She just slammed my door closed on her way out, again. You sure have a long way to go to stop her. Why not offer her a holiday over on unit 500?
21-Nov Last night I had to wait 3 hours for the lift machine and staff to operate it. I have IBS. When I need to go, I need to go, not be told that you are short staffed And I have to wait. This contributes to more stress, distress, and impacted bowel.
21-Nov Tina tryinig to enter between noon and 2 pm: Three times she tried to enter... finally headed off on those two, after I hollered loud enough. Then I had to use call bell for latest effort. This is annoying.
22-Nov after Tina's sneaky visit, the claw hammer was missing. Last used on Wednesday a.m., last seen In my top drawer, at the back. Alex helped trying to find it, just in case it had only been maliciously moved. Reported the missing dangerous weapon in writing to management.
22-Nov Compliments to 99% of staff Working directly with me. In that 1%, was a senior aide today who insisted using top hat on commode pail as she operated lift. Rude with an attitude.
22-Nov Nov 22 2014 between 1400 and 1545 hrs vandalism again. Eye glass cleaner had been shaken so that bubbles filled the bottle. I have a suspect in mind.
22-Nov That witch was in here after I fell asleep in my nap this aft and did things again... And I can't get at my bank stuff until I have one of you here Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
23-Nov Tina left dinning room b4 me at breakfast today and my yellow tissue box full of necessary items was thrown in garbage pail.
It was retrieved by the janitor and put back on stool.
When does this harassment stop?
23-Nov There is one kitchen staffer that is not nice. Dietician arranged for me to have sliced tomato twice, daily. I have asked for salt, too.
Never a problem until this evenings meal. Aide brought tomatoes and I asked her to get some salt too, please.
She was told by kitchen staff in a terse tone 'I don't know where it is'.
She came and told me and my reply was thanks anyway. He (kitchen staff) is the same one that does not like to give me tomato.
Why does he take it out on other staff members? If he has a problem with it, come to me.
23-Nov Tina left dinning room b4 me at breakfast today and my yellow tissue box full of necessary items was thrown in garbage pail.
It was retrieved by the janitor and put on stool.
When does this harassament stop?
24-Nov Tina at 1202 Nov 24 2014 slammed my door again
24-Nov There definitely is a problem with the phone system. I needed help last night.
The call center could not distinguish which room I was in. I had to contact somebody via the Internet to phone, and room 218 was specified, but the Taliban claimed that 218 was not in the 500m block and she could not do anything. A request to transfer the call to the 200 block was beyond her capability.
English as a second language is not understood well and call center training is yet to come.
This is not happening.
Please have either Telus or whoever you contract phone service from Check out the lines and where they lead to. I did get help, but not because Of call center. Aide just happened to walk by. You could be losing people (expired before help arrived) as call center does not have staff that understands English well enough and is not trained for basic call center operation, like for example transferring a c all to the 200 block.
25-Nov 12:58 Tina opened and slammed my door again.
27-Nov Tina struck again, while I was out to hospital today Nov 27 2014 between 1245 hrs and 1530. When I returned, nose bandages are missing. Call bell button was folded on to itself and left. Very warm that I thot there was electrical problem. No. Just Tina again
28-Nov Thank you for new, too wide commode. Only problem will be where to rest my arms. Buttocks may have spread but shoulders did not. Dianne A. Funk
28-Nov Was agreed at yesterday's meeting that I would receive a new canibula every Friday. Nothing showed today at all. Please correct this situation. Thank you DIANNE A. FUNK
29-Nov staff stopped Tina from entering early this a.m.
30-Nov Water was poured on the keyboard for my computer. It could have been done Any time after midnight. My keyboard is a sealed unit. Luckily no major damage. Just sloppy clean up.
30-Nov She was in my room again, while I went to dining room for supper. She left early and true to form she entered my room. Tipped over Water spray bottles next to smaller white phone on night stand Beside bed. I had asked aide to turn off light when she left. She did not.
2-Dec Dec 2 2014 during nap time today RM 218
Tina took her black sole shoes and to make marks on my wall. When is this harassment going to stop?
3-Dec Laculuous? Supposed to be with brekkie meds. Please and thank you. Hope you can help.
3-Dec Dec 3 2014 after my nap in the afternoon I woke up to find bedside adjustable table raised very much in the air Where I could never reach.
4-Dec Your strict drug control policy is very sloppy. No one knows why I have been getting too much codeine for last 3 days. I have been so constipated and the pressure aginst lower abdomen is Most painful. I do not appreciate this careless use of prescription and registered medication.
5-Dec my oxygen shud b at 1.5, someone turned it up 4 now they have lost yestidays drug order, one rx is over 100$
then there is the games staff r playing.. or iniatiation on grave yard shift
see who can do what and don't wake her or just nuff noise to make me ask who is there?
peanutbutter got moved too
driver did not deliver drugs last nite cuz no one was there to receive them
5-Dec Olive oil in my eye glass cleaner Then turn down heat. This is not funny. It takes me so long to warm up.
6-Dec This time external speakers on computer have been disconnected.
They are not within my reach and I need to have someone come in to connect them again for me.
That is in addition to the head set, that Tina stole at the same time she stole my camera.
Without headset OR speakers, I am really handicapped.
7-Dec Spray bottles twisted too tight, top won't spray until u get a little air in there.
11-Dec Steno pad (small size 50 page)
and I had 3 more days on my Advair Disk and it was scraped off that I had none .
This has to stop.
11-Dec [7:01:56 PM]: all plastic spoons have been stolen
13-Dec On dec 12 2014, over night shift, there was 1 r.n. and two aides for 58 or 59 residents.
Including me.
Is is not the first time that they do not meet minimum standards.
Dianne A. Funk
14-Dec My portable oxygen tank was emptied during my nap this afternoon. I heard a louder click when my door was opened and two Quieter clicks after that... maybe three
Oxygen tank was being turned on so that all air would be Gone when I needed it.
Had to get a new portable tank so I could go to eat supper.
This is wasting good money and good staff by one person Who has decided to torment me any way they can. Dianne A. Funk
17-Dec Another incident to report.
Christine has given me a different mattress and someone put the blue nylon covered one back on my bed. I had a very uncomfortable night.
There was a very long dark hair wrapped around my right wrist During the night. I pulled it off, and threw it on the floor on the Window (my left ) side of the bed.
19-Dec ive been waiting for over 1 hr to get put on toilet... nada... one is too pregnent; others too busy and it takes two to use lift machines.... wonderful
20-Dec but i do know 4 sure we are on top of a toxic land fill site from years ago
pockets of methane gas pop here and there during the 24 hrs, more during the night than day
Dear Webby: Are you sure that is not just the staff farting and farting around?
oh I am sure Mutt Dear Webby: Interesting combo with all the Oxy being used and abused
20-Dec sure and someone is trying to blame Tina again, my baby powder was sprinkled all over the floor and makes floors as slick as ice, only u can't see it in the dark.
causing staff to fall and get injured
hat a mess this joint is... and this a.m., I did get my pill water but not my spray bottles.
I phoned for them, but after 40 mins, no response showed up
20-Dec 403-272-9831 unit 200 tell them my call bell is broken
20-Dec End of bedroom airhose was changed or broken but will not fit oxygen to me anymore. I must stay on tank until aide gets here. I am supposed to have 6 hrs in one tank
20-Dec .
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