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A life-time of hand crafts, mostly crochet work, led to the creation of Dianne's Designs. As a designer, who can't see well enough to read patterns, I made my own, much to the delight of others. An eclectic collection of friends busily wrote the patterns, totally amazed with the results I created. Believe me, there are no two identical items. While doilies are similar to the untrained eye, and a curiosity to the professional stitch-witch, no two are the same.

I cycle for my health.
I re-cycle for your health.
Cover an eye-sore with any products from Dianne's Designs.
Re-cover with designer colors.

Reduce. Re-use. Re-cycle. Recover!

Sample Trivets, Center Piece Rings and Mobiles

Small: (4" - 6") $12.00
Med: (8" - 10") $20.00
Lge: (12" - 15") $35.00
Center piece (rings inside rings) $50.00. Pictures # 1 thru 9
Triple and Quad Mobiles: $50.00 Picture # 10

Cackleberry Cozies
(Egg Warmers)
(keeping soft boiled eggs, soft)
No eggs were hurt during this event.

Typical samples. Yours will be similar, but unique
Pastel Crowd
Snazzy Sassy
Lively Loud

2 for $5.00 , plus $3.50 S & H


Free Egg Warmer Set (2)
With order of $10 or more
(not including postage)

Ordering Instructions
Check FIRST if an item is still available,
If it is on a page, that is marked SOLD, forget it!
Include your payment with your order.
Payment options: PayPal, Check or Money Order
or I'll send you a PayPal Invoice due on receipt.
Please allow 1 - 4 weeks for delivery.

I Accept PayPal

          To Order, write me at catmat@fire-cat.com

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